A five day Suzuki violin institute in Palace Miller-Aichholz, Vienna, Austria, July 13th-17th, 2020

Herzlich Willkommen bei der

Violin Garden Summer Academy!

Wir freuen uns sehr, dass die Sommerakademie für Kinder von 3 – 18 Jahren heuer stattfinden  kann!

Ja, wir machen wieder gemeinsam Musik, jetzt erst recht.

Unser Programm bietet intensiven, freudvollen Gruppenunterricht mit einem erfahrenen DozentInnen-Team und renomminierten KorrepetitorInnen.  Abwechslungsreiche Outdooraktivitäten mit FreizeitpädagogInnen im 6 Hektar großen Schlossgarten ergänzen das Tagesprogramm.

Die großzügigen Räume im Schloss geben den gefragten Rahmen für gemeinsames, qualitätsvolles Üben und Musizieren in Anbetracht der aktuellen Lage.  Alle Lehrkräfte und Teilnehmer sind verpflichtet, den Richtlinien zur Verhinderung der Infektionsübertragung von Covid-19 zu folgen.

Mehr Informationen unten.

Anmeldungen werden nicht mehr angenommen.  Die Akademie ist voll!  Wir freuen uns auf Euch im Sommer 2021!

Deutsche Übersetzung von der gesamten Website ist in Bearbeitung.  Bitte um Geduld!

Wenn Sie Fragen haben: summeracademy@violingarden.com

We believe that when children receive a solid musical education, in a beautiful and nurturing environment, while having a great time, anything is possible! Our program offers intense and challenging group classes with our finest Suzuki teachers and world renowned accompanists, balanced with diverse and structured activities in the palace gardens. We believe that music has the power to cultivate a noble spirit in children and that perhaps indeed it is music that will save the world.

Growing together – with and through music – is a gift that we at Violin Garden Summer Academy love to pass on!

Information on the status of the Academy with regards to Covid-19:

We are so excited to share with you that the Academy will take place!

  The big rooms in the palace provide lots of space for the small groups and the 6 hectare garden allows for lots of fun activities! All staff members and participants are required to follow the summer guidelines for transmission prevention of Covid-19.

We can no longer accept registrations, as the Academy is full.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Violin Garden Summer Academy summer of 2021.

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Shinichi Suzuki
“Children can play very well. We must try to make them splendid in heart and mind also.”

Developing Body, Mind and Spirit


When the body is healthy and feeling good, anything is possible! Ample exercise and playtime in the beautiful and spacious gardens of Schloss Miller-Aichholz provides the children with plenty of time to make friends as well as exerting and relaxing their bodies and minds, returning refreshed to the next class. Each group goes into the gardens once in the morning and once in the afternoon.


Focused group classes with our Suzuki teachers allow the children to work on improving their technique, applying it to their Suzuki repertoire, refining their tone, increasing their listening skills as well as learning new pieces. Each group gets a minimum of four group classes per day and a program is prepared for the final concert on the last day.


Each day begins with a circle where we settle in, greet each other, calm our minds, warm up our bodies and set common intentions and values for the day. A short meditation sets the foundation for a positive mindset. Learning how to maintain a healthy body and mind are necessary skills in our rapidly changing world.

What the parents say:

 Amazing teachers, child centered program, great summer Academy experience all around! My kids loved playing as part of the ensemble, created friendships and improved their violin practice greatly. This summer camp was inspirational and we are very keen to return again!

 – Olga E. mother of 3 participating children

“Our daughter had a great time and the teachers were really mindful with the kids. The final concert has really grand – we highly recommend it!”

– Edmundo S. father of a 10 year old 

Participating in the Violin Garden Summer Academy Vienna was a highly satisfying and motivating experience for our daughter. The mixture of intensive practising, varying leisure activities and different performance opportunities – together with old and newly made friends – was unique! She simply loved it!

-Doris F. mother of a 10 year old


The Schedule

Monday: 9.00 Opening Ceremony, 1 group class, 1 outdoor activity unit. –  1 hour lunch break  –

Afternoon: 2 group classes, 1 outdoor activity unit, afternoon circle. Ends at 17.00

Tuesday – Thursday: 9.00 – 12.00: morning circle, 2 group classes and 1 outdoor activity unit.  – 1 hour lunch break –

Afternoon: 2 group classes, 1 outdoor activity unit, afternoon circle. Ends at 17.00

Friday: Dress rehearsal 9.00-10.30.  Final Concert and Ceremony 11.00-13.00. Ends at 13.00 


The curriculum will cover Books 1-7 as well as additional repertoire given during the Academy.

Individual Classes

Individual classes can be had upon request via email: summeracademy@violingarden.com by June 1st 2020.

Language of instruction

Due to the Covid-19 travel restrictions, the majority of participants are German speaking, hence the main language of instruction will be German this year instead of English.  All staff members do however speak fluent English, so all children will be able to follow instructions!

Beginners and younger siblings

Do you have a younger sibling that wants to play the violin too? Or did your child just get started and is working on the Twinkle rhythms and basic technique of bow and violin hold? Then this half day program would be a wonderful fit! It includes:

Monday: Opening Ceremony, one group class and one outdoor activity unit, lunch

Tuesday – Thursday: two group classes and one outdoor activity unit daily, lunch

              Friday: Participation in Dress Rehearsal, Final Concert and Ceremony, Certificate

Minimum amount of participants: 7


A vegetarian and vegan lunch buffet is included for the participants in the restaurant on site. Please note that parents must book their lunches separately!

Parents Presence at the Academy

The presence of a parent at the Academy site (campus of Palace Miller-Aichholz and Europahaus) is normally highly recommended for all participants. However, due to the Covid-19 regulations, we cannot guarantee enough space in the rooms for the parents to listen in on the classes. Hence, we kindly ask for your understanding that we cannot accommodate parents of children over 6 years of age. We hope that these regulations will only apply for this year, and that we can welcome all parents in the future Academies.

Please note that for participants under 6 years of age, or for any participants with special needs or requiring increased supervision, the presence of a parent is obligatory at all times. Requests for parental absence presence can be discussed with staff on individual basis, however parents retain the responsibility for their children throughout the duration of the Academy.

The Administration reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to require the presence of any parent on site.

Who can participate?

Any child and adolescent trained in the Suzuki Method on the violin (ages three and upwards).

Parent Workshop

The Academy is very excited about this workshop which has been especially designed by our leadership expert and violinist Michael Gutiérrez!  See the information below for „Coach the Coach“ program!  Limited spaces available.

!This wonderful workshop has to be cancelled as well due to the challenging circumstances this year, but we look forward to sharing this with you next year!

Parent Workshop
“Coach the Coach”

This compact half-day workshop will provide Parents with a “tool kit” to increase their effectiveness in their role as musical coach to their child. A child’s musical and personal development are influenced greatly by the awareness and skill with which the parent approaches their role as their child’s “coach”. Experienced leadership development and communications skills trainer, and violinist, Michael Gutierrez will introduce useful tools and methodologies combined with engaging exercises to deliver and fun and impactful workshop experience for parents seeking to improve their coaching skills. Workshop content will include:

Emotional Intelligence:
A framework for understanding and managing your own emotions as well as your child’s

How to establish a relationship and environment for optimized learning and performance

Communication Skills:
Feedback & Directions: how to deliver effective feedback and instructions without resorting to authority
Active Listening: an effective methodology for listening to your child’s input

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