A five day Suzuki violin institute in Palace Miller-Aichholz, Vienna, Austria, July 12th-16th, 2021

Privacy Policy

Data Protection Declaration Violin Garden Summer Academy Vienna

Status: November 2019

The Violin Garden Summer Academy Vienna stores the data and information entrusted to it strictly confidentially according to the valid regulations on data protection (GDPR of the EU 679/2016).

 What personal data we collect and why we collect it

Registration: Violin Garden Summer Academy Vienna collects and processes the following data specific to the individual for the purpose of handling the registration and participation in the Violin Garden Summer Academy Vienna:

  1. Name of applicant and parent/legal guardian
  2. Address of applicant and parent/legal guardian (street, street number, postal code, city, country)
  3. Gender of applicant
  4. Date of birth (day, month, year) of applicant and parent
  5. Email address of parent/legal guardian
  6. Phone number of parent/legal guardian
  7. Name of violin teacher at home
  8. Name of music school or institute
  9. Health condition

The processing of data specific to the individual and it´s parent/guardian as listed in the registration occurs on the basis of and for the purpose of fulfilling the contract. Registration and participation at Violin Garden Summer Academy Vienna is possible only through the processing of the information you provide.

Data storage and usage

Data specific to the individual participant and its parent/legal guardian will be stored for internal purposes only such as: accounting, contact list, statistics and administration. The maximum duration of information storage is 84 months, in accordance with local regulations.  Surname, first name and e-mail addresses will be kept for the purpose of maintaining contact, unless the participant explicitly objects.

If you would like your information to be deleted from our databank, please contact us directly at summeracademy@violingarden.com

Your information will NOT be shared to any other organization or partner.

Data security

The processed registration data on the www.violingarden.com website is stored in a server in Germany protected against unauthorized access by means of encoded transfer, encoded storage a data security concept and physical protective measures for the server by www.inconcepts.com. Security measures are continually revised according to technological developments.

By submitting the online registration, the parent/ legal guardian agrees to the collection and processing of their personal date and confirms that he/she has read the data protection declaration and agrees to it.